Here are my ways to create the Xenomorphs

Making of the Xenomorph Queen, Warrior, Drone, Face Hugger and Chestburster

1. Xenomorph Queen: I'll Hire 2 Guys to Play and Control the Xenomorph Queen Costumes. I'll make some Switches to Move the Arms and Legs and Make on pull the Twin Jaw. Then i Will sort and Draw out the Queens in these Films

2. The Xenomorph Drone: I'll hire a Few Big Boys to Play the Drones and then i will have these Domes on the Top the can see through withou having the Head Getting Seen. And i'll put sticky Lotion to put on the Arms and Legs to Crawl on Walls and Celing

3. The Xenomorph Warrior: I'll be able to have Mechanic Aliens to Play the Warriors and also have sticky lotion on them to crawl as well

4. Queen Face-Hugger and Face-Hugger: I Will be able to use Mechanic Face-Huggers and Face-Hugger Gloves to Move the Face-Huggers

5. Queen Chest-Burster and Chestburster: I'll be using Bars and Sticks and Remote for Mechanic Chestbursters in order to Move.