Royal Facehugger.png

That's Odd this Thing has 2 Rooms and the Normal Face-Hugger only Has One

Weyeland Scientists regarding the Queen Face-Hugger

Dan vs Alien and Arachnid: War and Alien 4[edit | edit source]

Before The Acheron Queen Died she Opened her Bottom and seemed to have laid an Egg without a Use of an Ovirpositor and Hatched into a Queen Face-Hugger and Stowed away with Elise and Impregnated Spike and Elise with a Runner Queen and The Earth Queen. Then found by the Weyeland Employees and Found it Dead and Took it for Experimental Facts.

Dan vs Alien vs Predator and Aliens vs Predators[edit | edit source]

Before the U.S.A Corps and The Xenomorph Hunter Predator Clan took Down The Ancient Queen. She opened her Attachment to her Ovirpositor and Laid an Egg which opened an Alien Egg and Opened and Released a Queen Face-Hugger and Latched onto boar's Face and Left and Gets into Dan's Bag and in the Beginning of Dan vs Aliens vs Predators it Latched onto Dan's Face while he is Sleeping and Died after 40 Minutes of laying a 2nd Queen Embryo inside Dan and Found by Zanditz Jones when they found out Dan is Carrying a Queen Embryo

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