Queen Chestburster from Dan Vs. Alien 4

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Runner Queen Chestburster

Is that the Same one that Killed Elise

Esile surprised about an Alien Queen Chestburster in Dan

Dan Vs. Alien 4 Edit

When a Queen Chestburster emerged from Elise on her Wedding Day she looks around and Everyone is Covered in Blood and Chris is about to Kill it with a Knife. But before he can the Queen Chestburster squeals and Escapes and She is Capture while she's shedding her Skin. An Alien Dog Queen Chestburster Emerged from Spike taller than the Normal Queen Chestburster unlike the Queen Chestburster the Crest is way up and had Longer Legs and Runs faster than the Normal Queen Chestburster. When it Violently bursts out of Spike and Covers the Floor with Blood and it Revealed that Chestbursters have a Twin Jaw when they first Emerge from their Host and when it shakes itself and Ran out of the House. Then A Farmer Sheds it's Skin Near a Farm

Dan vs Alien vs Predator and Dan vs Aliens vs Predators Edit

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Predalien Queen Chestburster

When a Queen Face-Hugger Impregnates Boar with a Queen Embryo and Emerges from Boar. Then the Predalien Queen grew into an Adult and Grew an Ovirpositor and Layed her own Eggs. A Queen Chestburster emerged from Dan and Dan held onto it before it Escapes with Karl Weyeland Bishop and Died with Dan in a Lava Pit where the Predalien Queen Died. But the DNA of Dan is Russurected. On LV-426 She is Ressurected along with Dan

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Dan vs Alien vs Predator 3 Edit

She is Ressurected along with Dan. It is different than the Regular Queen Chestburster. She has no legs or Arms. But she does have a Crest and she is Putted Carefully in a Glass Tank and Let it grow