Ellen Ripley and Newt first encounter with the Queen

The Alien Queen is the Mother of Every Drone and Warrior in her Hive.

Features Edit

The Alien Queen is 20 Times Taller than the Regular Xenomorphs. Have a Very Large Crest and Large 3 spines on each Side.

Biology Edit

The Alien Queen is a Large and Intellegent Xenomorph who is in Charge of the Whole hive. Her Main Job is to Lay Eggs. The Queen's Drones put the Eggs near Coccounded Hosts. She has a Very Long ovirpositor. When her Ovirpositor is Broken or Ruined she Grows a New one for 3 Hours. When the Queen Dies she Lays an Egg that Releases a Queen Face-Hugger who Carrys 2 Queen Embryos and Dies after it lays to 2 Queen Embryos inside a Living Host

Known Queens Edit

  • The Acheron Queen from Dan vs Alien, Aliens and Alien and Arachnid War
  • The Earth Queen is the Main Anatongist in Dan vs Alien 4 and Captured by the Weyeland-Yutani
  • Runner Queen is a Quadrupedal-Xenomorph who Is the Mother of all Runner Xenomorphs
  • The Ancient Queen is a Queen that Lived over a Thousand Years
  • Predalien Queen is a Queen Born from a Predator. also Main Anatongist in Dan vs Aliens vs Predators
  • Genetic Queen is a Ressurected Queen and the Main Anatongist in Dan vs Alien vs Predator 3