Here is the Timeline of Dan vs Alien vs Predator

Dan vs Alien vs Predator Timeline Edit

  • 5000 B.C. - The Predator Race came to Earth and Chained up The Ancient Queen and made her lay eggs and Collect Human Hosts for the Facehuggers. The Predator Warriors and They almost fell and set up a Bomb and the Entire Civilization is wiped out over Night
  • 1787 - Chris's Great, Great. Great, Great, Great Grandfather wondered into the woods in Canada. He found a Weakness in Canada that Can Cause a Glacier
  • 1793 - Chris's Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather's Wife marked him Dead and Remarried. He Returned and stays in a Shed until he finds a Place to stay. He becomes Jealous and becomes a Temped Ax-Murderer and the Family moves to The U.S. and Hates Canda
  • 1945 - Elise Senior and Corporal Jones started Dating
  • 1956 - Corporal Jones gave up his Life to save Russia from a Toxic War
  • 1960 - Elise Senior and Don meet at the Bar and Asked him Out and then Corporal Jones came back and Let's Elise Senior make her new life with Don
  • 1967 - Don and Elise Senior are Married.
  • 1970 -