• Queen-lover

    Here are my ways to create the Xenomorphs

    1. Xenomorph Queen: I'll Hire 2 Guys to Play and Control the Xenomorph Queen Costumes. I'll make some Switches to Move the Arms and Legs and Make on pull the Twin Jaw. Then i Will sort and Draw out the Queens in these Films

    2. The Xenomorph Drone: I'll hire a Few Big Boys to Play the Drones and then i will have these Domes on the Top the can see through withou having the Head Getting Seen. And i'll put sticky Lotion to put on the Arms and Legs to Crawl on Walls and Celing

    3. The Xenomorph Warrior: I'll be able to have Mechanic Aliens to Play the Warriors and also have sticky lotion on them to crawl as well

    4. Queen Face-Hugger and Face-Hugger: I Will be able to use Mechanic Face-Huggers and Face-Hugger…

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  • Queen-lover


    June 23, 2014 by Queen-lover

    In every Film i had to Make a Good Storyline and here are these short Summarys in every DVAVP Films

    Dan encountered that Elise is an Alien Warrior sent to earth to Annhilate Mankind along with her Siblings. Dan and Elise Senior hire a Large Group of Tough, Smart-Butt and Good With Weapon Type Marines to go to LV-426. The Colonial Marines realized that the Weyeland Yutani sended 167 People there to become Host to the Xenomorphs for their Queen. Dan will not only stop them to save her Future Girlfriend: Hortense. Friend: Chris and Pet: Mr. Mumbles, But also to Save Mankind. In some places in the Universe you Can't Go alone

    12 Weeks after the Rough attack with the Warriors and a Praetorian. Bishop goes to the Center of the Atmosphere to set up …

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  • Queen-lover

    When i Watched All of Dan vs Episodes and The AVP Universe. I Relized they are not making any more Dan Vs. Episodes. So i Decided to Make a Crossover of Dan vs and the AVP Universe

    I Planned to Continue Dan vs by making the Perfect Crossover Trilogy. I Found this Photo that gave me an Idea. First i Choose to make it in Real Life and Since H.R. Giger Died. I Had to Create the Xenomorphs and The Predator myself. Then in Every Dan vs Alien and Dan vs Alien vs Predator Film every Queen is an Anatongist. Elise will show her Biggest Secret every Since their Wedding, She is a Xenomorph Warrior: Shadow. Sent to Earth to Gather Intellegence from Chris in Order to Make home on Earth with her Siblings and Mother: The Acheron Queen.

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